How To Write A Product Review: My Proven Sample Template

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I’m going to share with you my step-by-step proven system on how to write a product review from scratch that is Google Panda and Penguin friendly and will make you sales over and over again.

Affiliate marketing is still one of the easiest and best ways to make money online post the Google updates and now is as good a time as any to get started in this area of online business.

I’m going to build my case study around a digital product, but you can easily adapt this formula to work with any product whether physical or electronic.

Remember The Basic Rule: Quality Is Better Than Quantity!

It’s really important to remember that this product review is going to be making you sales day and night, over and over again, so it must be of the highest quality.

I recommend around 1000 words, but usually write as much as it takes to cover all the features and benefits of the item I am writing about. I should also mention that whatever you are trying to sell must be of high quality too.

If you send your ‘ready to buy’ pre-sold visitors over to buy your recommended product on the vendor’s website and it turns out to be rubbish or poor quality, then you will never get any conversions and therefore will not make any sales or money from all your hard work.

In this case study we will be reviewing a product called Simple Traffic Solutions which I own and am sure about its quality.

Simple Traffic Solutions Home Study Course

You don’t necessarily have to own the product to write a good review about it but it can help with your credibility.

You can write a highly researched overview of an item and still give great value to your reader and potential buyer.

If you have purchased it, include your own experiences, personal photos or even a video of you using it. This can really sky rocket conversions.

In my example I included a screen-shot of the members area.

When people are searching for a product to buy, they want to know everything about it before they actually get their credit card out.

If you can give them all the features and benefits of the product they’re interested in along with some feedback from other users that provide answers to all their questions, their yearning for more knowledge and information should be satisfied and they should be ready to buy through your referral link.

Let’s Get Started…

My proven system for reviewing a product is listed below. There are 9 steps that I follow every time I write a new product review blog post or webpage. My template is as follows:

  • Create An Interesting Title And Description
  • Find At Least Two Images
  • Write An Introduction
  • Introduce The Product Using Bullet Points
  • What Results Will You Get From The Product?
  • Testimonials and Customer Reviews
  • Insider Information Or What To Watch Out For
  • Buying Advice
  • Conclusion And Call To Action

As I mentioned before I’m going to base my template on a digital product called Simple Traffic Solutions which I bought recently and wrote a review about. I’ll explain step-by-step during this case study how each part of the article was put together.

You can see the completed review here:

Simple Traffic Solutions: Will They Work For You? – Review

Creating An Interesting Title And Description

You only have about 60 characters to play with when writing your title so you need to make the best use of them. I always make sure I have the Product name in the title plus the word review.

Your title is the first thing people see at the search engines so it has to state clearly what your page or post is about.

My title is going to be: Simple Traffic Solutions: Will They Work For You? – Review

Your page description is equally important because it helps to persuade the searcher to visit your page to find the information they’re looking for. I also include my product name in the description as well as the word review and a little teaser as well if I can. You have around 160 characters to use in creating an appealing description.

My description is: Simple Traffic Solutions seems to produce real results. But can we really believe its claims? Uncover real reviews, insider info, available bonuses and more.

Find Some Relative Images

I like to use at least two images in my article as this helps the visitors visually connect with the item I am promoting. It also draws them into the content to read what I have to say.

The first image I put right at the top of the post at full width. I usually use a general image related to the niche of the product, for example if I was writing a lawn mower review, I would use an image of a freshly cut lawn.

In this case it I’m doing it slightly differently and just using the Simple Traffic Solutions banner.

Image Illustrating How To Write A Review

At the bottom of the post I use a full size image of the actual product. You can find these on Amazon or the manufacturer’s website. I will also add more images throughout the post if there are extra available on Amazon and they help make the page more interesting.

Again on this particular review I have done things slightly different and just added a screen-shot of the membership area towards the bottom of the review.

You can also add a video from YouTube if it complements your article, but don’t add one that is branded with another person’s affiliate links or website details as they will probably get the sale from all your hard work.

Here is an example of a video I made to promote my Simple Traffic Solutions review on YouTube. On this occasion I didn’t add it to the product review because it wouldn’t have added any value to it, but I did add a link to my product review below the video so visitors finding it on YouTube could read the full review on my blog.

We’re getting a little off topic, but if you want to know how to create your own video intro or product advertising video like mine, try Flixpress. You can find them in my resources area.

Writing The Introduction

This is where you set the scene and make a connection. You want the visitor to get a feel for your writing style and start to like you in the first few sentences so they continue reading.

You should talk to them through your writing as you would talk to a friend when you are telling them about something you recently purchased.

Your introductory paragraph should let the reader know that you understand what they’re doing on your website reading your product review. You also need to convey to them that you know what information they are looking for and that you are going to be able to deliver it to them.

So in summary you need to do three things:

  • Create a connection with your reader
  • Tell them you understand their problem
  • Show them you have a solution

Here’s how I did it in one my product reviews:

My Introductory Paragraph For Simple Traffic Solutions Review

Introduce The Product Using Bullet Points

The next part of the product review is introducing the product. I like to give the reader a quick overview using bullet points and in my review of Simple Traffic Solutions I included a picture of the full package.

It’s not always necessary to include an image at this stage as you might not have one, but if you do, add it in. It all helps pre-sell the product.

In my review I told my visitor what the product was and who created it. I give them a list of bullet points explaining all the features of the product and the different formats it was available in. Then I finished this section with a sentence about how the product came to be created in the first place.

This part of the review should only be about two or three paragraphs and will vary depending on the product being reviewed.

In summary the product introduction should include:

  • What the product is
  • Who made it
  • Bullet point listing of the features
  • Why was the product created

What Results Will You Get From The Product?

In this section you need to discuss the results that you or others are getting from the product. Are the claims made on the sales page justified? Are there any other tried and tested reviews of this product from people who have used it?

If the product claims to be able to make you $1000 in 30 days, can it? Have you tried it? Does it work? Use this section to document your own findings.

If you don’t actually own the product or have used it, you can’t really add much to this area. Here’s an example of my findings:

Results Of Product Review

Testimonials and Customer Reviews

This area relates to how other people who have used the product felt about it. I like to use curation when I’m writing this part of the review. I go to the sales page of the product and find testimonials or if I’m doing a review from Amazon, I go to the reviews section at the bottom of the item.

You can also find little snippets of information about your product on forums or social media. I cut and paste them into a notepad to use in this section.

After I have collected the reviews and testimonials and read them, I choose two or three of them to comment on and highlight the benefits of the features that the user had written.

So in summary you would:

  • Find a review or testimonial
  • Discuss it and provide a commentary
  • Point out benefits to potential buyer

This is an example of a testimonial I commented on:

Testimonial Commentary

Insider Information Or What To Watch Out For

By telling people what to watch out for before buying a new product or service you can build some extra trust with them that could be the difference of them clicking on your affiliate link and buying or leaving your website to continue their search.

You are also giving value to your reader and showing them that there are aspects of this product that you are going to share with them that they might not find elsewhere. Your own little piece of insider information!

This also helps you to appear neutral in your review and not simply touting for an affiliate sale. If something about the product seems a little bit hyped or negative and may stop your potential buyer from making a purchase when you send them to the sales page, then tell them about it here.

Make them aware of it before they leave your site so you have a chance to convince them that it isn’t something they should be worried or sceptical about.

In my article, I thought John used the word ‘free traffic’ a little bit loosely on his sales page and that it could maybe put potential buyers off. I used this section to clarify the way the wording was used.

What You Should Know

Buying Advice

Helping your visitor buy the product you are reviewing is the next logical step in our process. You’ve done all the hard work and now you just want to help them make that final decision to buy. What are the last things they need to know? In this section I add information about guarantees, the best place to buy and why, upsells, shipping, discount coupons or bonuses, etc.

Advice About Buying

Conclusion And Call To Action

Finally you write the last section which is called the ‘conclusion’, ‘verdict’, ‘my verdict’ or whatever you think is most appropriate for your review. This is quite a short section with two sentences.

The first one is a quick summary, i.e. “This is a great training course in the area of traffic generation without the involvement of Google or upfront costs.”

The second is quite important. It’s your recommendation to buy. For example: I fully recommend buying Simple Traffic Solutions as I did and taking advantage of the offer to join the Inner Circle.

The last part of this section is a Call To Action. You tell your reader what you want them to do next. For example:

Call To Action

In Summary

So as you can see if you follow my step by step formula it is quite easy to create a product review and make affiliate sales again and again through your blog. Remember quality is the most important factor for reviews. You need a quality product and a quality review to make sales.

Now that you know how to write a great product review and combine it with some simple SEO, you can put these techniques together to create profitable product review mini websites of your own. If you would like to learn the full method of building niche affiliate websites for profit, then I recommend the training course by Andrew Hansen called Forever Affiliate. This is the exact method I followed to build my portfolio of niche websites.

Click Here For More Information About Forever Affiliate

I love to hear the views of other bloggers and my friends who regularly visit my blog. Please leave a comment below if you have any tips or advice of your own you could add about writing product reviews.


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  1. Hi Mark, great post, I enjoyed reading!
    You have given some really great pointers here and I really like your template :)
    Re word count, you said you prefer to go for about 1000 words.. I’m interested in this as many people say you should keep blog posts, reviews etc to 400-700 words as many people have a short attention span when it comes to reading/surfing the net lol! I usually also write slightly longer posts of around 1000 typically. What are your views on this?
    Also, may I add a great way to obtain a bit of social proof for the product would be to take a couple of screen shots of short comments from people about the product on the Warrior Forum (or any other leading forum in a particular niche relevant to the review) and include them in the post. Many people in the IM niche are quite savvy and will often go to the WF to read further reviews about a product even after they have read your review/post. So if you have included a few snippets from an un-biased source such as the WF they may feel less inclined to click away form your site to check out more reviews! :)

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for visiting. I’m not a fan of longer posts, but if you need to write over 1000 words to get the point across then as long as it’s good quality and engaging, your visitor will keep reading.

    On the subject of longer posts, you should break them up with frequent sub-headlines as most people like to skim the article to get to the parts that apply to them. If they like this part then they usually go back and read it all.

    I agree with the social proof as well. The more variety you can find for the ‘Testimonials and Customer Reviews’ section the better. It gives you a well rounded, unbiased, review.


  3. Oh wow Mark…you really put a lot of time into writing reviews. Oh my goodness, I’m definitely going to need to take some notes on this one.

    I usually just write them, like everything else I do, from my own experience. I tell the pros and cons without all the hype around the product itself but honestly I prefer to own the product and have used it before.

    Have I done that for every single one I’ve reviewed? No I haven’t but I’m talking maybe only two I haven’t purchased but have supported because I personally knew the owners. One I got a peak at while the other I was just told mostly about it.

    I love the video too, great addition for putting a video in place. Can I ask you what program you used to create that? I love it… Short, entertaining, to the point and kept my attention. Nice!

    Thank you so much for this and I’m definitely bookmarking this post. I can always use more advice when writing review.


  4. Hi Adrienne,

    I put quite a bit of effort into my product reviews because one good review of a product can make you affiliate profits for years. I also try to be as unbiased and informative as possible.

    I used a company called to create the video. They are very affordable and everything is template based so you just need to think of what copy you want to use. I think my initial video intro was only about $3 to produce.

    Thanks for your nice comment,

  5. Mark, I really like this – would you recommend the same for clothing products like on a retail site as well? this one is a little different as it does something and has a reward at end. I guess clothing could too, I’ve been adding things like “look great” feel great” etc.
    I especially like your part on “buying advice”. Thanks for getting me to think more creatively…

  6. Hi Mark,

    I’m here because Adrienne mentioned your post on her Thankful Thursday post, and I trust her to share good content.

    As a freelance writer I can tell anyone here that this is a very thorough step by step “how to write a review.”

    I know that when I’m ready to buy a product I search and search until I find the best and more complete review I can find. At times such reviews are lacking. Lack of good review can really slow down sales. I am convinced of that.

    Thanks for those tips. I will bookmark this. Even though I feel that I’m doing most of that, I’ll use it as a “checking point” to make sure I not forgetting anything when I do a review.

  7. Hello Mark!

    This is such a great post! Thank you very much for sharing this. I agree with you, we can put these techniques together to create profitable product review mini websites of our own.


  8. Hi Mark,

    Oh wow! Just like what Adrienne said, you seriously took a lot of time to write this mate. Absolutely stunning :)

    For me, my product reviews are always:
    1. Content and quality is a must
    2. Use and try + giving hands on experience
    3. Lots of screenshot or videos to make the experience richer

    My 3 simple and novice tips from a beginner’s perspective :)

    Have a great day mate!


  9. Hi Mark,

    Great article on how to write a review. I have to admit when I write reviews they are a little dense. I will definitely be using some of these tips when I write my next review.

    One of the things that I like to make sure when I write a review is that I am familiar with the product. After all it’s really hard to write a review if you’re not familiar with the product.

    Thanks for sharing these tips, I know they will help me improve my reviews. Have a great day.

  10. Thanks Mark!

    Being new to the world of product reviews, this is just what I was looking for. It was easy to follow and I look forward to implementing the formula. The video was top notch and I will be using the company you mentioned above. I will definitely be checking back to read more of your posts. Thanks again for all your hard work and for paying it forward.


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